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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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LED image/function checkers

Image inspection system capable of fast and accurate digital function testing of lighting patterns and image recognition of minute difference in brightness or faint difference in LED colors.
With function testing, a maximum of 100 lighting patterns can be tested; also supports introduction of existing function tester or in-circuit tester.
Used to check for uneven brightness of backlight panels and color of display base, or if fine lighting setting is required.



◆Can also test at high speed sophisticated lighting patterns and simultaneous multiple point
  lighting that are difficult to distinguish by the human eye.
◆Can detect uneven backlight chromaticity and brightness in an instant.
◆Can discover abnormal lighting cause by short circuit.
◆Combination of image inspection function and electrical test/inspection function enables you to
  establish a high-precision testing/inspection system.
◆Adoption of fiber optical reception enables testing/inspection of large products and products that
  emit light from both sides simultaneously.
◆Makes it possible to replace LED brightness and chromaticity with quantitative data, and enables
  creation of log files required for production management.


Displays light emission status and data in easy-to-understand manner.

LEDテスターMeasurement status

Combination with external control unit supports colorful lighting patterns.

 Made by Finetec Co., Ltd.
  WIT is the sole agency for Finetec Co., Ltd., in Japan and overseas. Contact us for details.

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